Wiregrass Honored With 11 Quality in Construction Awards

Wiregrass Construction was honored with receiving 11 Quality in Construction Awards for jobs completed in 2017 by the National Asphalt Paving Association including a Larry H Lemon Award for our work on the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds Parking Lot in Dothan, Ala.

WCC converted 37 acres of open grass converted into parking with multiple grading, storm drain, concrete curbing, sidewalks, asphalt paving and striping requirements.

WCC used new GPS Machine Grade technology to deliver more precise fine grading and base-stone construction.

Dubbed the Larry H. Lemon Quality in Construction Award, the 10 highest-scoring projects submitted for a Quality in Construction Award in the General Paving are recognized for their commitment to building high-quality roads.

 WCC 2017 NAPA QIC awards were for:

  • Mill and overlay of SR 131 in Barbour County. Working in coordination with the Alabama Department of Transportation and with project subcontractors, the company milled and widened the road. It placed a 1 ½-inch Superpave course, and then a ¾-inch Superpave surface layer.
  • Work on SR 27 in Abbeville, Alabama. The company micromilled the road and widened it with 1 ½-inch Superpave asphalt mix, then placed a surface layer of ¾-inch Superpave. Wiregrass Construction Co. coordinated work with the Alabama Department of Transportation and subcontractors to ensure the production of a smooth, high-quality road.
  • Work on SR 2 in Jackson County. The company milled and overlaid the mainline roadway of this four-lane highway, using a binder layer to tie into an existing bridge. The company built the road under constant traffic with limited lane closures.
  • Work on SR 227 in DeKalb County. The company constructed this mill and overlay project under constant traffic, using a pilot car to help with traffic control. The company met production and rideability goals, and scheduled work to minimize disruptions to the public, school zones, and the businesses in the area.
  • Work on US 31 in Morgan County. The project included milling, leveling, and resurfacing of the road. The leveling included eight super-elevated curves. The company completed the project on time and on budget, producing a smooth, high-quality pavement.
  • Work on Chantilly Parkway in Montgomery County. The company constructed the first “U” bulb in Montgomery in conjunction with its installation of concrete channelizing islands. The smooth asphalt pavement that it built has helped enhance traffic flow in a very congested area.
  • Work on I-85 in Macon County. This was a micro-mill, open grade friction course project. The company used a Roadtec spray paver to apply the Novabond and to lay the surface course.
  • Work on SR 22 in Chilton County. This surface treatment project included patching, leveling and overlay of the existing road. The company used reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) in the project mixes, conserving virgin materials and reducing the project’s cost.
  • Construction of SR 203 from Highway 87 to Highway 125 in Elba. The company worked as subcontractor on this first of three segments of the road. Keeping on schedule was difficult due to the wet weather during the winter and spring and the need to switch traffic between lanes. Wiregrass Construction Co. used reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) in the binder, leveling, and surface asphalt mixes.
  • Work on SR 52 in Hartford. This milling, overlay, and widening project was complicated by the rainy weather and the 1 ½-hour distance from plant to jobsite. The company used green building techniques, incorporating 35 percent reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) in the mix used for widening and 20 percent RAP on the surface courses.