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  • Montgomery Airport
    Completed 2010
    This mill and resurface project called for the airport and the runway to remain open during the day while the work was in progress at night. The challenge was to mill the existing runway and replace the asphalt in two layers between the hours of 6PM and 6AM each night. Then, testing and cleanup for the following day was required. Failure to meet the 6AM cutoff would have impacted flight operations from Montgomery to Atlanta and beyond. Wiregrass Construction met the requirement each night and the airport didn’t experience any operational issues related to the project for the duration of the job.
    The quality of work was important for aesthetics and durability, but more importantly for safety of the aircraft and passengers. An experienced 747 pilot carrying the 2010 national champion Auburn Tigers home from Arizona was heard to say by air traffic controllers, “That’s one smooth runway”.
  • Huntsville Airport
    Completed 2009
    This project unlike the Montgomery Airport involved a complete shutdown of the runway, but was similar in work performed. However, it was unique in that the specification on this project called for milling the existing asphalt to within ¼ of an inch of the required depth. This is almost impossible to achieve through conventional means. Therefore, we implemented new technology for this application by utilizing a GPS system with millimeter control. This allowed us to make minute adjustments in the equipment to attain the appropriate depth of milling according to the owner’s specifications.
  • I-65 North Project Shelby County
    Completed 2011
    At $78 million, this project is the largest ever undertaken by Wiregrass Construction. It took place in arguably one of the most congested areas of the Birmingham metropolitan area and involved widening the existing interstate by an additional lane in each direction. The project has called for Wiregrass Construction to lay approximately 400,000 tons of asphalt and manage 18 subcontractors in a massive effort to achieve the critical path and finish on time and on budget.
  • Department of Transportation Highway 231 Houston County
    Estimated completion date June 2011
    This project involved widening an existing roadway with an additional lane in each direction, construction of a new median and turn outs and managing sub contractors who installed underground utilities and signalization. At almost $15 million, this was a complex job due to high seasonal through traffic and because it is a main thoroughfare for commerce. In addition, it had a high percentage of work completed by subcontractors and included new road construction, as well as, rehabilitating the existing roadway.
  • Riverfalls Street Improvement Project
    City of Riverfalls
    This $3.5 million project was an improvement project for downtown River Falls, AL older business district. These types of jobs can be messy and unsightly to the public and stressful for business owners due to the combination of upgrading and rehabilitating streets and sidewalks, as well as, signalization and new streetlights. It was important on this project to maintain the critical path and coordinate with the business owners in such a way that access to their storefronts was available to customers on a daily basis. This project finished in a timely manner with minimal interruption to local commerce due to a high level of communication between Wiregrass, Its subcontractors and the local business owners.
  • Ft. Rucker IDIQ Contract
    Over two years, this project encompassed rehabilitating rotor wing stage fields either by rehabilitating existing pavement or constructing new areas. In some cases, we were asked to consult with the engineers to offer the most cost effective solution to obtain the Army’s requirements. In addition, we were required to phase work so that helicopter training operations could continue with no downtime. We were successful in coordinating the timely completion of work and maintaining normal flight operations.
  • Farley-Homeland Security upgrade
    This $7 million project was a component of Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant security upgrade. Our phase of the operation included several specialty items including ground cover work, erosion control, and concrete work that was both self performed and subcontracted, as well as, traditional asphalt paving.
  • Department of Transportation I 565 Madison County
    The I-565 project is the first of its kind in Northeast Alabama. It consists of 17 miles of micro milling of the existing surface layer of asphalt and replacing the material with a paver laid surface treatment material. This process and the resulting rehabilitated road surface will have an extended life compared to the material it replaced. The project is approximately $8 million and calls for 88,000 tons of asphalt material to be laid.
  • Redstone Gateway Package 1B – Roadway Grading and Paving
    Redstone Gateway is a 468 acre development at Redstone Arsenal’s Gate 9.  It will consist of office space, retail stores, and hotels which will support the influx of government and defense contractors moving to Huntsville with BRAC. Package 1B, which followed the 1A Mass Grading project, consisted of the fine grading, storm drainage, aggregate base, asphalt paving, and concrete flatwork for just over a mile of new roadway. Despite excessive weather delays, numerous plan changes, and challenges associated with the coordination of multiple contractors occupying the same work zone; Wiregrass still met the original completion date for Phase 1. The project is currently ongoing and expected to finish on schedule and on budget.
  • Cottonwood Corners Publix, Dothan, AL
    Completed 2010
    This new shopping center and grocery store was constructed on a site that had considerable ground water and poor soil issues.  Wiregrass Construction was responsible for site grading, underground utilities, storm drain installation, curb & gutter installation, and paving.  Like all other commercial sites today, meeting the construction schedule was critical.  Wiregrass Construction met the schedules provided, despite the poor site conditions and heavy rainfall events.

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